Monday, December 12, 2016

Alright, I am just doing a test on this site to see if I can share any entries onto other social media platforms since it has been a long while since I have wrote in here. If I am able to do it then I can maybe write more in here and share some entries.But for now until I do I will just forget about this blog for a bit and continue to write in here for myself.

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Monday, June 24, 2013
Work Balance Regarding Pay Or Money

It's getting late for this month so I will get this entry off before it's over.It looks like a busy day for me today since there is some stuff I have to do.I have to do some paperwork for the business I partly own.Plus there is some yard work outside that I have to do.So work is never ending and the worst thing about it is that I am not getting any money for them.The first is important due to some tax issues that I am not able to talk about here.So it's really a private matter here.But I do want to talk about the word work while I am here.It seems that we do a lot more work than needed.I also think that men do a lot more work than women since we not only do we have to work outside the house with regards to providing for the family and paying the bills,we also have to do some yard work and household work at home since most wives today complain about the lack of help they get from their husbands which I don't think is fair in a sense that they don't have any idea as to what it is we men face in the office on a daily basis.Men face a lot of stress in the workplace in which they are never able to talk about nor they are allowed to talk about since it's a taboo subject in itself. Labor is an unequal thing if you really think about it since most work that people do such as some white collar jobs require very little effort when it comes to the physical part while making a whole lot of money for it while jobs which require a whole lot of physical excursion pays very little money which I think is stupid but that's the way it works in this system I guess.Most lawyers hardly do any work along with some doctors,dentists and architects while getting their assistants or technicians to do the work.See the imbalance here?Some professionals make way too much money.Of course they charge a lot of money for their services,often more money than necessary which is unfair but it's what society wants while tradespeople like plumbers,carpenters,electricians and others get paid very little money even though these jobs hold just as much importance as these careers.Of course,being a doctor and dentist holds more importance than a lawyers and yet lawyers end up making as much money as doctors and dentists and in some ways rarely hold any importance in society.So there is a real imbalance when it comes to the economic structure. Well,I guess I have pretty much said my peace this month on this blog so I will just end it here right now.Take care and see you next month.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sorry for running a little late regarding this monthly entry for this blog.I am running around in circles right now just trying to figure out what to do as to regards to using social media or to figure out what business to run while still working for the gas bar.It seems that the gas bar has consumed a whole lot of my mind that I am not able to get my mind off of it and to focus on something else like drafting or anything.Somehow I am jealous of my coworker who has found the courage to quit and work for another company using his skills while I am still stuck at the gas bar just taking in a whole lot of flack from my supervisor and upper management whose main goal is to keep me down in the same position as this fuel station clerk. But anyway this is my last day of my three day vacation and I am somewhat looking forward to getting back to work but I am still in a very bad position as regards to work.Plus,the stress I am dealing with right now with regards to my sister moving out this month and coming to terms with the fact that I am stuck here with a family member just having to work at the gas bar forever.I am doing all I can to get out of this place but right now I am not having much luck in leaving that place.It's a very uncaring work environment that I am having to endure since my main boss never visits the gas bar.It's like gas bar employees are not an importance to him nor we are existent to his eyes or the eyes of management in head office. Well,that is all for this month as it is almost over.Take care and I will see you next month.

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Thursday, April 04, 2013
Still Upset About The Lack Of Support Or Care That I Am Getting From My Managers

It's been a while since I have written anything on this blog.I was supposed to write in here last month but last month was pretty hectic and busy that I wasn't able to get any words out on this pad.But now April has come I am just going to get something out in here and it has to do with work issues and the impact of management and I am going to just drop some stuff about how management is at the gas bar.I'll probably end up working alone today since my coworker has found a job at Sport Chek. But I am just going to say this on the next paragraph. I am still appalled and disgusted with the way things are managed at the gas bar since I am about to get fired or was about to due to some customer snitching on me and my coworker and I am still not over that.But it brings me to a point that managers are not supposed to let their coworkers be abused from other workers and customers that come into the gas bar.I don't know where my manager went to business school or got his management training but he should know better than to just let customers attack our dignity.The way he let that customer rip my coworker verbally was not very cool.It was abuse when he didn't even show any kind of courage to intervene on his behalf.Like what kind of a boss is that?And my supervisor is no help either since she doesn't do any work to help make my job a lot easier.Like the gas bar I am at is a big joke due to management and the way things are organized.I have never seen management like this before. If I were a manager of that store I would for sure definitely stick up for my employees especially when they get abused by a customer.I don't know why my manager wouldn't do that but I guess in some ways,he doesn't believe in gas bar employees or we are beneath his status or he sees me as a threat because I am a black man who knows too much as to what's going on in the store and the type of games he plays with his low level employees.He sees me as a pawn who is just there to serve these customers who are probably shitting on me and my coworker. Well,that's it for now since my time here is about up and I have to head off to work.I will probably start putting videos on this blog just to show off my video shooting skills.But for now I have to go.Take care and see you next month.

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Monday, February 18, 2013
Thinking About Working For Another Gas Bar/Black Social Media Users/

Well,here I am back once again on this blog for this month.Yeah,I am happy because this blog has been going on five years strong even though it hasn't landed me any jobs in the media or any job in construction since I don't have any experience in that field.I only have experience working at the gas bar and working in the oil and gas industry.Now I am trying to find something in that field or trying to find another gas bar job for a different company since I am getting bored with Safeway.They still haven't found it in their heart into giving me a raise or any sort of promotion to management nor have enough readers to land a TV deal with regards to running a gas bar but that's fine since I have always liked the feeling of running things behind the scenes and to have the feeling of having full control of my career even though I am not in a career of construction or business. Landing a television deal would be nice but I am happy enough to be operating on the Internet by writing blog entries on this blog and on my Facebook blog and tweeting on Twitter and shooting videos for YouTube even though nobody reads my blog entries or watch my videos on YouTube.I don't know what it is with this social media bit but it just seems that I have been put into this pile of black social media guys who are often ignored by the majority for these white social media users who often get noticed by these major media outlets or mainstream media outlets and then get millions of dollars or offers from them using these outlets like YouTube and Twitter while black YouTube users get no respect. It's pretty sad but that is what I am sensing right now since shooting videos for the last two months now. But getting back to the gas bar stuff.I have to find a way to get my slip from the internet so I can do my taxes for the government.But I will worry about that later because I want to shoot a quick video before leaving for the gas bar to work another quiet shift on this holiday or long weekend.See you next month.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Well,so far I have no new visitors on any of my sites nor on my YouTube page.It seems that this stuff about viral growth turns out to be a lie since I haven't experienced anything of some sort.I was hoping to use that to make a job for myself because that's what I really want to do.I want to create a job for myself and not have to work for anybody else because working for someone else doesn't really help much since all I am doing is just making someone else rich.

Anyway,I am on my break right now just typing away on this blog while thinking about President Obama's inauguration and what the impact it will have on the whole United States of America with regards to economics and employment because I don't see how his re-election will change anything about America and the situation of the American people.Most of the same policies are still going to be put into place nor it will change anything in the political spectrum because the government is still going to do what it wants regardless of whether or not Obama runs the country or not.As I have said on my Tumblr blog,his re-election isn't going to improve the plight of African Americans,Hispanics,Native Americans,poor whites and working class people in the country because Obama will be under the control of the corporate elite and that is unlikely to change anytime soon.Obama's re-election is at a time when this economy is about to go into another recession if he doesn't fix things fast.

But getting back to my job,it was a pretty steady day at the gas bar and the same thing going on with regards to my job.I am just trying to figure out what it is about this job that stimulates my brain but I am not having much success.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013
American Express Cutting Jobs

This is just some quick business news since there isn't much time here.I just found out that according to the BusinessWeek website that American Express,the credit card company is cutting 4500 jobs this year.Now I don't know the details since the news is on video and I will have to watch it to get the full story but that is the word on the street.Well,I think it has to do with the economic slowdown and also less clients or customers using their cards.Who can blame them?American Express always had this habit of charging people so much in credit card fees and interest.They also have had the habit of asking for their money from their customers right after they have used their cards for their purchases.So this news isn't a suprise to me.

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Sunday, January 06, 2013
Safeway Stuff

I wanted to do a video right about now but I feel that this isn't the right time to do it but then again,there is never a right time to do anything.So I am just going to write away since I am still not comfortable in front of the camera even if it's a webcam.So I am just going to text away here.I am trying to figure out what it is to write about so I will just freestyle.I am also going to get into some business news and it has to do with the company I work for.There are a couple of things that I have to say about Safeway and nothing negative.Steve Burd,the CEO of Safeway Inc is going to retire to focus more on the healthcare aspects of the business.Well I am glad for that but at the same time I am glad because he hasn't done much to change any of the conditions to improve the lives of his workers who have had to bend over backwards in slaving for him while he remained CEO using our money and labor.Maybe a new CEO will improve things for Safeway and the working conditions of his employees and also revamp the stores in California and across America. Of course in more Safeway news,Loblaws,a company which owns the Real Canadian Superstore might buy the Canadian division of Safeway might be buying out that company which will help them compete against the likes of Walmart and Target which will be invading Canada with regards to selling groceries.Walmart is already here but Target has yet to come this year and they will likely sell groceries too.So this buyout will definitely help them compete.But I do have mixed feelings about that because the buyout will definitely cancel a lot of jobs too because I have heard companies merging and buying each other out while in the process see workers ending up losing their jobs or getting laid off after many years on the job.So this buyout will seem like a double edge sword.

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Well,I am back once again here and I am just here listening to Steve Hoca interview another guy who is also Steve about his experience in Thailand where he dated a whole lot of women and so far the interview is good.I wish that I had the bravery and nerve to travel around the world but due to a lack of money and this fear of other cultures I am just not able to do this.I am also just trying to decide whether or not to write in here and my other blogs or to just shoot a video since I have my webcam here.It seems that I am just at an odd place right now.I have become indecisive as to whether to write or shoot a video.Shooting a video seems a lot faster and I will do that if I don't have a whole lot of time and upload it later or in a future date.While with writing,I find it fast as well but it takes so long to publish since I am writing so much and writing takes a whole lot of time but I find it faster since with videos it takes so much time to shoot the video,edit it to make sure it comes out right then uploading it on YouTube of some sort.Both are a waste of time but it's what I like to do.It's a pity that I am not making any money from this hobby because it would be a great part time job for me where I can position myself into either doing this job where I can quit the gas bar or to do this job and just supplement it with the gas bar job. But getting back to the travel bit,I would like to go to Ghana and do some reports about my ventures in that country.Then head off to Latin America especially Colombia where I can just venture myself into the culture,society and the customs.It would be nice to travel.Travelling is one of the best ways of getting to know a culture or opening ones eyes about a culture and also the culture of where you come from with regards of comparing the countries.Their good or bad points or positive or negative points about the countries.

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Friday, December 14, 2012
Hoping Not To Get A Phone Call From A Coworker To Come And Work/No Sense Of Work Ethic Among The Young

Good evening to you all.Now I wasn't going to write in here until next month of next year but I am just bored out of my mind right now and I was thinking about this guy I work with who is probably going to call me tomorrow to come and work on Sunday,which I don't really want to do.I would prefer to take my whole weekend off so I can get some cleaning done since I have a lot of stuff to clean here in my room.I don't know what it is with some people who just want to take their time off to do some other things like studying for exams but I think that this is a bit too much for me to take as an excuse.Like,my coworker had all of this week to study for his exams since he wasn't working.So he really has no excuse for skipping out on me which he has been doing for the last three years I worked with him. I don't know what it is with these young people who don't want to work hard anymore and who just get in by doing all these YouTube videos trying to get famous and making a whole lot of money.I know that this is my goal as well but I also know that a person has to work very hard to be successful on not only YouTube but other things which take work.I think that this YouTube and reality TV as they call it has taken away the meaning of the work ethic in North America and has sent the message to young people that success is easy to attain without much effort on their parts.Yeah,this generation is pretty much messed up from a working perspective.Now I know that they will be the next generation to run things in the workplace but it seems that they have a sense of entitlement and disrespect of other people who may have the knowledge and information which could help them in their careers. Anyway,getting back to what I was going to say about this blog.I was going to write monthly here but I think that I will be spending more time writing in here when I sense the moment is right.

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